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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 8:29 PM

Looking back on the past few years, I've found a trend that seems to occur at the same time every year. In the fall, right around this same time, it seems like things begin to fall apart for a lot of people I know. I don't know if this trend expands outside my little group of friends and loved ones, but it sure is prevalent among us.

For instance, I have the thing with my mom. Last year it was a thing with an ex-girlfriend who I really was in love with. I won't bore you with details, but let's just say she led me to believe that we were meant for each other, when really her purpose in life was to be with anything with two legs and genitals, male or female, young or old. Needless to say, that ended.

This year it's with another friend of mine, Rachel. I've mentioned Rachel in the past, so you may recognize the name. She's a sweet girl, and has been my best friend since I can even remember.

Rachel has been married for a while now. A few years. Things have always been great with her and her husband. I love him. He's a great guy and I have always thought he was perfect for her. He had a level head, he was smart, and he treated her like the princess she is. I would have never expected anything to go wrong with these two. If there is any couple in this world that will be together forever, I would have guessed it was them.

Until yesterday.

Rachel called me crying and asked if she could come by to talk. Being the best friend I am (:-D) I said of course. We sat in the living room, drinking some wine, and she told me all about what has been happening.

A week ago, out of the blue, her husband starts telling her how he thinks they need some time to really think things over and make sure this relationship is what each of them wants. Like any girl who has been in a committed relationship - not to mention marriage - for years, she was rather angry. But, she went along with it, thinking that if he really needs the time and really wants to work things out, she should give him a chance to do it.

Well, the next day, she comes home from work and he's gone. All of his stuff is still at the house, minus some clothes of his. She calls him and asks where he is, and he says he's at his mothers because he feels like they should be apart while they do their thinking. Rachel wasn't happy with this decision, but again, what could she do? She agreed, and let him go, as long as he promised to call and stay in touch.

For the next two days, they stayed apart but they talked on the phone a lot, saying they love each other, reassuring each other that things will be okay soon. Her husband promised that things were going to be fine and that he just needed a few more days and everything would be back to normal when he came home. He said he would call her the next day so they could go get dinner together.

The next day, she comes home from work again, and ALL of his stuff is gone. Everything. Not a single sock or shirt remained. The bathroom was empty of his stuff, the living room was empty of his stuff, the bedroom, every God-damn thing was gone.

He has not called since the last time they talked, the day before all his stuff disappeared.

Obviously, Rachel is broken up. Who wouldn't be? She's staying at my house for a little while now because she can't bear to go home and be alone in the house she shared with this little-boy who thinks he's a man.

I mean, who the fuck does something like this? After so many years together, to just leave without even saying anything? He can't even tell her "I'm sorry, I just don't want to be with you anymore?" Is that so hard?

Why do people have to be so cold to people they supposedly love and care about more than anything? I don't think I'll ever understand humans. I feel sorry for us, sorry that we are so self-centered that we can't even give someone else the benefit of having closure or being at peace with a situation that is hurting them.

<3 Sarah <3

6 french kisses:.