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Friday, October 17, 2008 8:27 PM
.:Due For A Miracle:.

I'm not liking the way my days are feeling lately. There's been this "gray cloud" hanging over them recently, a real ominous feeling. Everything feels the same, but it also feels like something isn't right. I don't know. I'm probably just in one of my phases.

I found a new drink I'm really enjoying. Malibu rum and orange juice. It seems like such an unlikely combination, but it's actually really good. Normally I don't drink rum, but I drank all my vodka last night and I don't feel like going out to the store. I'd make Taylor go, but she's at work.

That's another thing I'm worried about: Taylor's job. I don't feel right about it. For those who don't know, she just got a job as a topless bartender. Nice, huh? I shouldn't say that. It's not a bad job, it just scares me a little bit. I used to be a topless shot-girl at a strip club so I know how the guys act with you.

It shows you how paranoid I am. I'm worried about guys. I highly doubt Tay would be leaving or cheating on me with a guy.

I'm very territorial and protective of people I love. If Taylor was just a really close friend, I'd still be worried about her working there.

(Pause to take French bread pizza's out of the oven lol)

So maybe I am being a little dramatic. I don't know. I just don't know what to make of this feeling I've had the last few days. It's worrying me.

This song is really getting to me at the moment. Listen to it. Its "Stare at the Sun" by Thrice. A great song.

'Cause I am due for a miracle
I'm waiting for a sign
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes
Till I understand or go blind

<3 Sarah <3

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Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:32 PM
.:A Cause - And A Girl - I Can Get Behind:.

I like to promote other blogs I find and love. I think it's cool to help out and get other people's words out there (not that me promoting anyone is a huge help, I have readers, who I love, but not very many) and maybe, in exchange, they will help get mine.

In this case, I want to promote it simply because it's something I too believe in. Brandon had a blog I followed (why is it gone, by the way? Did you make it?) where he was documenting his progress in getting off his medications for heroin addiction. Now he has a blog called The Drug Wars that I just found a little while ago and added to my growing list of blogs I like to keep up on.

So, I figured since what he's doing over there is a good cause, I'll promote it a little bit! How nice of me.


In other news, Taylor and I visited our favorite booze drinking spot. I'm always surprised by how busy they are during the week. Well, Thursdays they usually have specials going and some little event taking place, so I guess I'm not too surprised about today.

Ok, so to let Taylor get back at me, I told her she could dance with whoever she wanted tonight and I wouldn't say a word. And she did, and rubbed it in my face by staring at me with this silly look of contempt, the whole time grinding her ass against whoever it was she was dancing with at the time. So yeah, I feel where she was coming from. I was a little jealous. I made her stop when one girl started putting her hands all over Taylor.

Sadly, I didn't drink as much as I was planning to. I promise I'm not an alcoholic. I mean, I could be, but I don't think so. I'm more responsible than a true alcoholic. I still have a job, for starters. My dad was an alcoholic, so maybe I am too, or maybe it's in my genes. As long as it's not in my jeans, that's fine. I don't let just anyone get in my pants.

I am buzzed though (if you can't tell by my sporadic thoughts, contained in these fun little ellipses), but I was really looking forward to getting drunk. The reason? I love drunk sex.

Who can honestly say they don't like drunk sex? It's so wild and uninhibited. You're free to do whatever you want and have whatever you want done to you. It's amazingly fun. If you haven't had drunk sex, do it (PSA: as long as you're of age).

So, I'm going to go finish what vodka I have left in the freezer (I like it cooooold) and make Taylor do nasty things to me. Too much info, I know, I'm sorry.

I love you all. Goodnight.

<3 Sarah <3

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6:18 PM
.:It Gets Better:.

Taylor forgave me finally. I now understand why she was so mad, too. She said she hated having to find out about it by reading it here, and wished I would have called her that night and told her directly. It's a completely understandable wish, and I should have been more responsible about it. So we made up and all is well with us again.

I worked extra late today. I guess it wasn't extra late. I left at 6 instead of 2:30, but I finished the project. I had to put together a portfolio to present at the meeting in Chicago next week, and then I had to get our new designs ready for presentation as well. The new designs won't be needed next week, but they're already ready to go, so I got that done now so I didn't have to do it later.

The exciting thing about the Chicago trip: I get to bring Taylor with me. I'll actually be driving to Chicago since it's not that far from here (few hundred miles) and I convinced (asked) my boss if she could come with me. He's one of the few people who know about my lifestyle (or so I think. Kayla surprised me when she told me she knew) and I trusted him enough to ask. He was okay with it, saying as long as I made it to the meeting on time and didn't decide to stay in Chicago forever, he didn't care what I did. He's going too, but he is flying out tomorrow morning for some reason (the meeting isn't until Monday).

They are giving me a rental car to take so I don't have to drive my own. The one downside is I have to pay for my own hotel since I'll be having Taylor with me, and they will only pay for me to stay. No big deal, though. I'm looking at hotels online right now, and some of them are nice and cheap. I might go all out and get a really fancy one, though. With my bonus I could probably splurge a little bit.

I can't believe I don't have much else to talk about. I've been so focused on work lately since we are trying to move out of state and gain a national customer-base. I haven't had much time to myself, so there really isn't anything interesting to talk about.

I think maybe Taylor and I should go out tonight. I always have something fun to write about when we go out, so for the sake of saving the blog, I just might have to go to the bar and get drunk. We'll see.

<3 Sarah <3

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008 8:46 PM
.:Bad Day:.

Well, I'm back. I'm not too happy to be here either. Work was absolute shit today. I found out we didn't win the bid in New York, so the trip was for nothing, I got slammed with a huge assignment that needs to be finished by Friday, and then I have another meeting to go to next week in Chicago. Thankfully Chicago isn't that far away, and I'll only be gone for one night.

Taylor is pissed at me. She says she's not, but I know she is. And yes, it is because of the night in the China Club. She knows I would never do anything to betray her trust, so I don't understand why she's so mad. We both dance with other people every time we go out to clubs. I guess I do understand why she's upset, but she shouldn't be. I didn't do anything with the girl, and I had no intention of doing anything with the girl.

Today's just a bad day. It was cloudy and cold and rained all day. It was just one of those days that you knew from the minute you woke up would be a bad day.

I guess I should go so we can finally eat dinner. Taylor keeps hinting about how hungry she is. She can never just come out and say "I'm hungry, let's get some food." I still love her, though.

<3 Sarah <3

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 7:07 PM
.:As Soon As It Begins...:.

...It ends. I leave New York in 2 hours.

I must say, in the short time I was able to walk around and enjoy myself, I had a great time. New York is such a lovely city. I will definitely be coming back soon.

Last night, my boss and I had so much fun. We took the suggestion Liam left me and started with some Irish pubs. We had no idea where any were, so we asked around at the hotel and our cab driver and The Central Bar seemed to be the one that came up most (twice). It was nice. I got hammered there. I was out of control.

I don't remember many of the other bars we stopped in at, but I do remember getting in the China Club. Such an awesome place. I don't know if I'm supposed to be surprised that we got in? It seems like I should be. I met a lot of people there who say they see celebrities in there all the time.

I know Taylor is going to hate this, but I also ran into this girl that was totally in to me. She bought me drinks and danced with me. But, when she started coming on strong, I told her I have a girlfriend and I'm sorry. So be proud, Taylor.

It makes me wonder how we lesbians can pick each other out in a public place. It's like as soon as her and I looked at each other, we knew. Nothing happened though, I promise.

So I need to start packing. I'm so sad about leaving, but I am so happy to see Taylor again. I'll update as soon as I get home!

<3 Sarah <3

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Monday, October 13, 2008 5:11 PM
.:Business As Usual:.

I am sitting at Caffe Med on 2nd Ave, enjoying some coffee and people watching. New York has some interesting looking people, all very beautiful and stylish. I love it here.

The meeting went well today, although we won't get a decision until we get back home. They are taking offers from a couple more firms before they give an answer. I am pretty confident we will win it. I sold us so well.

Today I am going to take a walk through Central Park. I've always wanted to see the stones that were put there when the glaciers came through. I like silly stuff like that. I've seen pictures and it looks so pretty. Speaking of pictures, I can't believe I forgot to bring my camera. I am so pissed. I might have to buy a disposable camera.

I'm kind of upset that I have to leave tomorrow night. I am just getting used to being here and there is so much I want to do and see. I might have to come back with Taylor for a week or two. I miss her so much.

Tonight I'm thinking about going club/bar hopping. My boss is going out too, so I think we'll go together. He apologized to me today for the "sharing a room" comment last night. I could tell he was sincere and felt really bad about it, so I forgave him. He's normally not like that, and I guess he just didn't really think before he said it. To me, it was an innocent mistake. I know him and know he wouldn't try to come on to me.

So what are some good bars or clubs around here? I think at least one person who reads this blog is from NY, maybe more. Give me some suggestions.

<3 Sarah <3

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12:15 AM
.:Hello From New York!:.

Hey everyone! Here I am in beautiful New York City. I just made it to my room at the lovely Hudson Hotel. I just now made it in, and immediately whipped out the laptop to type up this post.

I can't believe we got rooms here. It is extravagant. I feel so out of place, like this hotel is too good for me. I would also think it's impossible to get a room here. It's like made for super high class clients, not lowly assistants like me. I'm scared to touch anything.

I noticed some little garden areas on my way in. I'm wondering if the wireless internet is accessible out there. I saw these cute little couch-like-things that look sooooo comfortable. I want to just kick back and blog away.

Tomorrow is the big meeting. I don't even know who the potential client is, but this meeting is huge for us. So important. If we land this client, it will be our first big account that is out-of-state. It will be a milestone, because it will mean we have gone national. This could be the beginning of something big for us. I have to make sure I'm on my note-taking A game tomorrow morning. My boss is expecting a lot out of me.

Speaking of my boss, he really creeped me out today. When we arrived at the hotel, he asked if I wanted to share a room with him. No thanks. He said he was joking, but I don't know. He seemed serious, and it felt like he just said he was joking because he knew he crossed a line. I could just be paranoid, though. We'll see. It's still early in the trip.

(I'm totally going to see about getting an in-room massage. I wonder if my company will pay for it)

We're heading down for some drinks now. I'll report back tomorrow with the results of the meeting and anything else I encounter. Goodnight, my loves!

<3 Sarah <3

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Sunday, October 12, 2008 12:41 AM
.:27 And Lovin' It!:.

So it's official. I am 27 years and 42 minutes old!

I had a great night full of alcohol and people I love, and was given the greatest gift a girl could ask for. Unfortunately, Taylor took all the fun out of me posting about it by posting about it herself in her blog. Thanks Tay. I love you.

But seriously, I am so excited that she moved in. It's safe to say that she already lived her before today. She was here every day, sleeping here every night, eating all my food, leaving my bathroom a mess. But now it's official. It's so great too.

I leave for NYC in...I don't know how many hours. 9 o'clock. I;m too drunk to figure out how long that is from now. 12 + 9. 21? I guess.

I bought so many cute clothes today. I thought it was weird that Erica was practically begging me to go shopping with her - now I know it was so Taylor could move her stuff in. She was pretty much dragging me out of the house, pretending her life was in jeopardy and she would jsut die if we didn't go shopping. It was totally worth it though. I found the sexiest outfits.

Bed time for Sarah. I'll talk to you all from NYC!

<3 Sarah <3

6 french kisses:.