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Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:32 PM
.:A Cause - And A Girl - I Can Get Behind:.

I like to promote other blogs I find and love. I think it's cool to help out and get other people's words out there (not that me promoting anyone is a huge help, I have readers, who I love, but not very many) and maybe, in exchange, they will help get mine.

In this case, I want to promote it simply because it's something I too believe in. Brandon had a blog I followed (why is it gone, by the way? Did you make it?) where he was documenting his progress in getting off his medications for heroin addiction. Now he has a blog called The Drug Wars that I just found a little while ago and added to my growing list of blogs I like to keep up on.

So, I figured since what he's doing over there is a good cause, I'll promote it a little bit! How nice of me.


In other news, Taylor and I visited our favorite booze drinking spot. I'm always surprised by how busy they are during the week. Well, Thursdays they usually have specials going and some little event taking place, so I guess I'm not too surprised about today.

Ok, so to let Taylor get back at me, I told her she could dance with whoever she wanted tonight and I wouldn't say a word. And she did, and rubbed it in my face by staring at me with this silly look of contempt, the whole time grinding her ass against whoever it was she was dancing with at the time. So yeah, I feel where she was coming from. I was a little jealous. I made her stop when one girl started putting her hands all over Taylor.

Sadly, I didn't drink as much as I was planning to. I promise I'm not an alcoholic. I mean, I could be, but I don't think so. I'm more responsible than a true alcoholic. I still have a job, for starters. My dad was an alcoholic, so maybe I am too, or maybe it's in my genes. As long as it's not in my jeans, that's fine. I don't let just anyone get in my pants.

I am buzzed though (if you can't tell by my sporadic thoughts, contained in these fun little ellipses), but I was really looking forward to getting drunk. The reason? I love drunk sex.

Who can honestly say they don't like drunk sex? It's so wild and uninhibited. You're free to do whatever you want and have whatever you want done to you. It's amazingly fun. If you haven't had drunk sex, do it (PSA: as long as you're of age).

So, I'm going to go finish what vodka I have left in the freezer (I like it cooooold) and make Taylor do nasty things to me. Too much info, I know, I'm sorry.

I love you all. Goodnight.

<3 Sarah <3

7 french kisses:.